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NOTE: The version of Core Care Plans or Core Care Record is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the app window.

V2.33.0 - 6th July 2021

Core Care Plans

  • Single use forms not saving to the clinical system #178433034
  • Missing postcode and given name in search criteria for SMSP services #178411962
  • GP record encounter data is missing dates #178569234
  • Audit view will now display NHS numbers #178608227

V2.32.0 - 4th June 2021

Core Care Plans

  • Missing patient details on patient banner where the patient record is marked as sensitive in SMSP #177853664
  • Search criteria does not always match results in SMSP #177925126
  • SIDeR TimeOut - memory leak #178108407
  • FHIRParser can parse #171643635

V2.31.0 - 16th April 2021

Core Care Plans

  • Dates pulled from the Emis to the form will no longer display a time of 00:00. #177537324

Core Care Record

  • SIDeR procedures panel: New procedures panel within the shared care record. #177282476
    • Summary tab - lists procedures within the last 30 days.
    • Provider tabs - list all procedures
  • Expected date of discharge added to encounters. #176559295

  • Deceased status shows up per-organisation if not held by SPINE. #176339463


v2.30.0 - 9th March 2021

Core Care Plans

  • Organisations can build a list of patients they are interested #176785018 Click here for user guide
  • Informal carers name is missing from the ambulance form #176887655
  • Work around token refresh #176890407

Core Care Record

  • A 'tool tip' has been added to the Care Plans tab #177115118
  • Full name of organisations display when user hovers over tab label #177037435


v2.29.0 - 9th February 2021

Core Care Plans

  • For single use forms, when the completed box is ticked the form becomes view only #176502124
  • Code browser control changed to prevent free text entry #176458371
  • Doc downloads caching issue fixed #176661448
  • Enhancement to warning messages so missing fields itemised #176655808

Core Care Record

  • Present appropriate error message for patients of non-connected GPs #175907838
  • SIDeR Alerts: Added For attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation #176779956
  • Default to startDate for Encounter grouping logic #176596609


v2.28.1 - 8th January 2021

Core Care Plans

  • Hospices can amend records multiple times without review #175919979
  • Fixed co-morbidities dates which changed on re-entering a subform #176015389
  • Form field change detection compares EMIS read codes so codes already recorded do not write back #175476248
  • Fixed error when saving frailty form with a date for FRAX with BMI score #176364463

Core Care Record

  • Show CareConnect data if pyrusConnect fails #175642402
  • SIDeR UAT fix: Hide Inactive Flags #175683522
  • Make GP Tab/Summary Items configurable #175895243
  • User can exit pyrusConnect record load if organisation is unknown #175911162
  • Update Flag codes in SCR #175799615
  • SCR contacts view supports multiple telecom values #175952824
  • SCR contacts view supports email values #175952854
  • Encounters are ignoring selective resource display tags #176381244

Core Interoperability

  • Includes latest FHIRParser/CoreSDK components for integration technology partners - FHIR R4
  • Sessions with 3rd party IdPs crash after session expires - Keycloak #175909308

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