GP Record Viewer

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1. If a launch from an existing clinical system has been configured, jump to step 9.  Otherwise, using a modern browser, Internet Explorer v10 or above, or Chrome etc, browse to:  (DO NOT USE PYRUSIUM)



2. A login box will appear.  Please enter your Black Pear credentials and click the arrow at the bottom of the login box:



3. Your landing page will appear. Click on the GP Patient Record icon:



4. If you work at multiple organisations, you will be prompted to select the organisation for whom you are working for during this login:



5. The dashboard will appear.  Click the Find Patient button to the right hand side:



6. Enter some criteria for the patient and then click the Search button:



7. Choose the patient's GP practice you wish to retrieve the record from:



8. A list of patients matching the criteria will be displayed. Click the patient you require:




9. Click the View (eye) patient record button at the right hand side of the page next to Live record:


 10. Depending on how the service has been configured, you may see a disclosure reason box:



11. Click the Done button or Cancel to exit.  On clicking Done this will post a note to the GP clinical system with the disclosure note.  Where an email address has been configured, an email will also be sent to the practice to notify them that a record has been pulled:



12. The viewer will appear.  Click on the appropriate tabs to browse:



13. To exit the record, click the Back to Current Patient in the top left hand corner:



NOTE: If there is a practice missing or a link to an existing practice is failing to pull back the patient record, please contact Black Pear at




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