EMIS - Updating GP Details

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This document will help the user setup the clinical system so that they can amend the GP Details.

Sometimes a practice may not have set certain sections set up with EMIS so the form is unable to

automatically populate these fields.

The GP details on this document may differ depending on the form you are using.


  • EMIS Web
  • EMIS Administrator User
  • pyrusApps: eSP (electronic Shared Plans)

Generally on the form we are able to auto populate the GP Details.  Some people want to know where this information is pulled from.



To alter the GP details within EMIS you will need to make sure that you login to the application as an Administrator. Most standard users will not be able to access the organisation area.

Within EMIS, select the EMIS icon in the top left corner:


From the drop down menu select Configuration > Organisation:


This will open the Organisation Configuration window. On this screen you need to click Organisation:


Then click on your organisation. For the purpose of this document our system is: Partner Test CDB29390:


You can now either right click the organisation and select edit or use the edit icon along the top toolbar:



This will then display the Edit Organisation (Practice Name) window. By default it opens on the Organisation details tab. You will initially see the Organisation Name (business):


On the form this populates the Practice Name field.


On the form this populates the Practice Name field.


On the form this is displayed as the Practice ODS Code




The Location Details tab lists the practice telephone, e-mail and address fields:


You will see that these details are listed on the form as well:


Once you are happy with the changes you have made simply click OK to the Edit organisation window and these changes will be saved.

The changes will then be picked up the next time you login to eSP.

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