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This document will help the user setup the clinical system so that they can amend the GP Details.

Sometimes a practice may not have set certain sections set up in SystmOne so the form is unable to automatically populate these fields.

The GP details on this document may differ depending on the form you are using.



  • SystmOne
  • SystmOne Administrator User
  • pyrusApps: eSP (electronic Shared Plans)


Generally on the form we are able to auto populate the GP Details.

Some people want to know where this information is pulled from.


To alter the GP details within SystmOne you will need to make sure that you login to the application as an Administrator. Most standard users will not be able to access the organisation area.

Within SystmOne select Setup from the top toolbar > Users & PolicyOrganisation Details


This will open the Organisation details screen. On here we are able to see the items that populate the GP details screen on the form.


 Name in SystmOne represents the Practice Name within the form:




ID in SystmOne is the Practice ODS Code on the form:




The practice address is split up in to sections in SystmOne, on the form we list this on a single line:




Main Telephone in SystmOne is listed as the Practice phone number on the form:



On some forms we have the Practice generic email address. For TPP, we are currently unable to auto populate this field.  This will always be blank however you are able to populate this manually and the email address will be saved for that individual patient.

When updating or adding any new information within SystmOne remember to click OK at the bottom of the Organisation details window.

Also close eSP to allow the new information to be imported.



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