Setting up the EMIS API User for eSP: GP Record Viewer

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Set up a new EMIS User

Set up a new user within EMIS:

Configuration > Organisation Configuration > Add > Add New User:


Create a new user with the username ‘BLACKPEAR’ and a password of your choice.


When you enter a password for the account, untick the ‘User must change password’

Set up the user roles: User Role Profiles > Additional RBAC Activities:


Add the roles individually by entering the code in the search bar. Within the search
results, double click the appropriate item to ensure the role appears in the Selected

  • B0360: View detailed health records
  • B0380: Perform detailed health record
  • B0560: Perform patient administration
  • B0820: View patient demographics


Click OK. The additional roles should display as follows:


Save the new user

Configure User for Partner API

Go to: System Tools > EMAS Manager > Partner API

Highlight Black Pear Core and make sure the product is active by checking that a green tick is next to the name. If this is not the case, click on the ‘Activate Application’ button on the toolbar.


BlackPear eSP Updated.png


Click the Edit Users button on the toolbar.


Tick the new user created (PEAR, Black) and enter a password.


NOTE: This password will need to be sent to Black Pear (see below)

Click the Login Access button on the toolbar


For the new user tick Auto Login and Allow Login.



Send Details to Black Pear

Please provide details of the new user to Black Pear ( )to enable the practice to be connected. You will have been advised on an agreed method of sending this information in advance:

- practice ODS code
- practice CDB no
- username (BLACKPEAR)
- API password
- email address for notifications (if appropriate for the project)

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