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The GP Patient Record Viewer enables registered users to view a read-only patients record from any modern browser connected to HSCN. 

Adding GP Practices

To enable a patients record to be viewed through the GP Patient Record Viewer, the GP Surgery must be connected to the GP Patient Record - Coventry Alliance service.  This is achieved by configuring an EMIS API user for eSP GP Record Viewer in EMIS and sending the information to Black Pear.

See the Setting up the EMIS API User for eSP: GP Record Viewer article on how to do this.

Registering Users

Users must be registered to use the service.  To register a user to use the service please email with the following information:

Subject: new user - GP Record Viewer - Coventry Alliance

Service: GP Patient Record - Coventry Alliance
Organisation: Coventry Alliance Y05168
List of full names and email addresses for each new user

Using Patient Record Viewer

  1. Using a modern browser (e.g. Internet Explorer v10 or above or Chrome etc), enter the following URL: 

  2. Log in using your email address and your Black Pear password. (If you have not set this, click on the Forgotten your password link to generate an email to enable you to do this).


  3. Once logged in, you will see the dashboard. Click on the Record Viewer icon:


  4. Choose the Organisation you are working for:


  5. Click on the Find button:


  6. Enter the search criteria and click the Search button:


  7. Choose the practice the patient is registered with:


  8. Select your patient from the list:


  9. To view the record click on the eye next to “Live record”. ( PLEASE NOTE, if you see an error regarding the Docman documents, you can still proceed to view the record)

  10. Select the Basis for Disclosure:


  11. This should take you to the patient record. Navigate through the tabs as required.





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