Creating Emis Alerts based on Population (End Of life)

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The Issue

There has been a number of requests for an alert to advise users to update EPaCCS records with patients on End of life on Emis.

To achieve this will utilise the Population manager and Batch Data Manager to search all patients with the SNOMED CT Code 874311000000104 (Integrated care priorities for end of life). Please note this is an example and you may wish to use an alternative SNOMED Code.


Creating the Population

In order for the alerts to work for the patients you will be required to retrieve the patients that have had an End Of Life code recorded. To complete this the following guide should be able to assist:



Within Emis goto the Emis Menu – Reporting – Population Reporting:-



Within the Population manager window select the folder where you would like to create the new population search. In the example we will use BlackPear. Select the folder and click Right click within the white space on the right hand side.  Click Add – Patient - Search:-




Within the New Search view enter a name for the search for example, End of Life Patient with a description of All patients with 874311000000104 – Integrated care priorities for end of life recorded. For the Based on: section select Currently Registered Regular Patients:-



For the schedule tab to ensure that the alerts are up to date you can set the frequency when the population report is ran. As you can see there are a number available options, for this example I have configured the report to execute:-

Reoccurrence Pattern

  • Every 1 week
  • On a Monday

Range of Reoccurrence:-

  • As you can see I have set this to a future date (13-September-2026). This would mean the search would run until this date without intervention.

Baseline Date

  • This has been left to the default option of Schedule execution date


Once the options have been configured click OK



Once this has been saved you should then be shown with a view similar to the example below. Click on the Click here to begin adding Rules to this search. This should then display a number of options, select Create a new Rule:-




You should now be displayed with the Feature Builder view. To continue click on the Click here to choose the type of Feature you would like to create. Once done you will be displayed with a number of options, select Clinical Codes:-




You should now find that the Feature Builder view has been populated with extra information and options. To continue click on Click here to add Criteria to this Feature. This should then again display further options, select Clinical Code - New Code List:-




Once done you should now be displayed with the Code Selector view. To search for all patients that are on the End of Life register. The code for this is 874311000000104 however you may want to use an alternative code. In this example we will use Integrated care priorities for end of life. To do this search for the code within the Search feature, once complete this should display the results of the search. Double click on the search results on the left hand side, you should then find this is added to the Select codes. Once done click OK to save:-




You should then be shown Search Builder for the End of Life Patients search. Click Save and Close:-




To execute the search right click on the newly created search and click Run. Once the search has completed you should find that the Population Count, % and Last Run columns should now be populated for the search:-




Now we have the search population configured we can now setup the Alert to be displayed with the patients that are in the population search. To do this goto the Batch Data Manager tab, then click Add – Patient Warning:-




You should now be displayed with the Add Batch Data view. Click on the magnifying glass icon, once done you will then be shown the Add Patient Warning window. To continue:

    • Enter the Warning Message that you would like to be displayed when a patient is loaded.
    • Tick – Swap Patient
    • Tick – Load Medical Record
    • Tick – Allow this warning to be viewed by other organisations

Once complete click OK:-




Once done you should then be taken back to the Add Batch Data view. Enter a Description for the alert and then ensure to select Search Population (Include) on the List Type drop down list.

Now click on the magnifying glass to select the population search:-




With the Select Search window open select the search that was created back in step 4, in this case End of Life Patients. Once complete click OK:-




Once done you should see the Search Population (Include) is now populated with information as to how many patients will display the warning. Click OK  to save:-




You should then be prompt with the Batch add patient warning information box. Simply click Add Batch to complete the process:-




Now the process is complete you may wish to test the Patient Warning is working as expected. Simply open a patient with a SNOMED of 874311000000104 (Integrated care priorities for end of life) on their record. Once the patient has been loaded you should be displayed with the following:-



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