Blank screen when starting Pyrusium

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The Problem

When attempting to start Pyrusium users are sometimes displayed with a blank white screen.

In some cases when checking the error logs in Pyrusium the error being returned maybe similar to below:-


431 ERROR 7 com.blackpear.pyrusium.schemes.resourcehandlers.PyrusiumResourceHandler: <log4net.Error>Exception rendering object type []<stackTrace>System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.

Object name: 'This instance of CefSharp.IRequest been disposed!'.

   at CefSharp.Internals.CefWrapper.ThrowIfDisposed()

   at CefSharp.Internals.CefRequestWrapper.get_Method()

   at rendererMap, Object obj, TextWriter writer)

   at log4net.ObjectRenderer.RendererMap.FindAndRender(Object obj, TextWriter writer)</stackTrace></log4net.Error>



During investigations we have found that when users have the DPI settings (Also know as Scale and Layout) set to anything greater than 100% this causes some issues with Pyrusium.


The guide below should assist to resolve this:-


To start right click on a free space on your desktop and go to “Display Settings



Once done you should now be presented with the Settings for your workstation. To ensure you are on the correct view select “Display”. You should see under Scale and Layout that the Change the size of text, apps and other items is set to 150% (Or 125%).




To change the setting simply click on the drop down list and select 100% (Recommended). You can now close the Settings window.




Once complete restart Pyrusium, you should find that you can now login without further issues.

If the issue is still existent this may require further investigations – If required please contact Black Pear support on



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