eRA-API: EMIS Web Configuration

Tiffany Hodkinson -

Configuration detailed in this article is for customers using the EMIS Partner Product for Black Pear eRA-API. 

1. Set up a new user within EMIS Web:Configuration>Organisation Configuration>Add>Add New User


2. Create a new user with the username 'BLACKPEAR_CONNECT' or appropriate third party name. 

3. Add a password of your choice. 

4. Untick the ‘User must change password’ box:


5. Complete the role tab - any values can be entered (Appointment Session Holder, Consulter and Authorise Prescriptions can all be set toNone).

6. Set up the user roles: User Role Profiles > Additional RBAC Activities:


7. Add the roles individually by entering the code in the search bar. Within the search results, double click the appropriate item to ensure the role appears in the Selected Items:

B0360: View detailed health records

B0380: Perform detailed health record

B0560: Perform patient administration

B0820: View patient demographics


8. ClickOK. The additional roles should display as follows:


9.Savethe new user

10. Go to:System Tools>EMAS Manager>Partner API

11. Highlight Black Pear eRA and make sure the product is active by checking that a green tick is next to the name. If this is not the case, click on the 'Activate Application' button on the toolbar.



12. Click the Edit Users button on the toolbar:


13. Locate BLACKPEAR_CONNECT in the User Logins (this column can be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the column heading).  Tick the user:


14. Enter an agreed API password and click OK.  Then click OK on the Edit Users box:


15. With Black Pear eRA still highlighted, click the Login Access button on the toolbar:


16. Tick Auto Login and Allow Login for the BLACKPEAR_CONNECT user (this column can be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the column heading):


17. The following details will then need to be provided to Black Pear by the agreed mechanism:

- service name

- practice ODS code

- practice CDB no

- username entered

- API password entered


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