Post PyrusCloud Failed - Convert files

Michael Barrow -


If you are seeing failures when posting to PyrusCloud you may see the following error:-



This could be due to the file being used, as tif, Tiff and other file formats can cause the issue.

To resolve the issue, the files can be converted to a PDF file.


Convert Documents to PDF


  • To start open the file in question, for this guide I will be using a tif image.
  • Once the file has been opened click on Print and Print


  • You should now be displayed with the Print Picture – How do you to print your Picture On the Printer drop down list there should be a number of available options, select Microsoft Print to PDF and Click Print



  • You should be presented with the Save Print Output As, browse to the path where you would like to save the file and enter a file name and click Save


  • Your file should now be saved in the location as above, you should now be able to successfully attach the document to the form.



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