SystmOne Responder troubleshooting for previously working connections

Tiffany Hodkinson -

After the SystmOne pyrusConnect responder has been successfully working, it may sometimes not work as expected. Following is a checklist to help identify the point of failure:


1. Gateway machine is switched off

Please ensure the gateway workstation at the practice is switched on.  You may need to check the power management of the workstation to ensure it does not switch itself off:

Windows 10 power management:

  • Change power plan from 'Power Saver' to 'Ultimate Performance'
  • Change HDD to 'Never turn off'
  • Change Sleep to 'Never'
  • Change LAN Ultra low power mode 'off'
  • LAN Power management 'Turn off Allow PC to turn off to save power'


2. Insufficient Windows permissions

Where notes are posted to SystmOne patient records, there is a pre-requisite that the user account logged into Windows on the gateway workstation, has sufficient permissions to read/write/delete access to the c:\Windows\Temp folder.  This may require input from your local IT team.


3. SystmOne is not running

Please ensure SystmOne is running at all times on the Gateway workstation and that the person logged in has approved the SystmOne API permissions (items 5 and 6 cover this in further detail).  If SystmOne is not running, QuickFHIR will not be able to communicate with SystmOne.

To mitigate this, ensure the "Always on" client PC is configured.  This will restart SystmOne after an update.  To configure, go to Setup > Organisation Preferences > Gateway Settings:



4. Responder service is not running

Please ensure the Windows responder service is running within the services list.


5. Insufficient SystmOne permissions

The user logged into SystmOne does not have sufficient permissions to allow your service to work.  User permissions must accommodate the functionality of the service being provided for example, retrieval of a patient records and posting back notes to patient records etc.

Users must have the following permissions to allow all functionality of the API to work:

  • Retrieves Patients - Can retrieve and view active patient records
  • Saves Records - Can save new data to patients records



6. SystmOne API connection not approved

When a user logs into SystmOne on the Gateway machine, they are required to approve the connection request (there is a 30 second window).  If they do not approve the request in the allocated timeframe, the service will not work.  To approve, click the Approve button on the following pop up:


This will pop up another box – click OK:



To ensure you are available within the 30s window, please arrange a specific time by emailing directly.  State which service you are using and indicate you would like a  connection test.  Include your practice name, practice code and the desired date and time.


7. SystmOne API connection refused

If the SystmOne API connection was blocked, this will prevent any communication with SystmOne.  To unblock this:

  • Log into SystmOne with the credentials of the user who is blocked the connection: SetupMobile Working & Integration > Device Manager


  • Expand the Blocked section
  • Highlight the Blocked Device and click Approve Device:






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