SystmOne Responder Upgrade

Tiffany Hodkinson -

These instructions assume the existing responder has been installed using the deployment instructions, is deployed to C:\node\pyrusconnect-responder\ and is working correctly.  This upgrade path is from any older version to v2.0.0.  The file contains the v2.0.2 deployment package and an upgrade script.

  • Before commencing, stop the pyrusconnect-responder Windows service.

Note: responder v2.0.0 or greater requires version 18 of node.js.

To find out which version node.js is running Run a command prompt and enter the command:

node --version

Only if the reported version is prior to v18 follow these instructions to upgrade:

  • Uninstall node.js using Windows Control Panel.
  • Install the latest v18 installer from the 32-bit version, ending x86.msi).  When running the installer Wizard accept the default options.
  • Copy the file c:\node\node.exe.config to the folder to which node.exe was installed (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs), this is to fix a dependency issue

Updating the responder

  • Download and then extract into a temporary folder.
  • Run a Command prompt "as Administrator" and change directory to the temporary update folder.
  • Run responder-update.bat - this will unpack the deployment package
  • Start the pyrusconnect-responder Windows service and (after a minute or so) check the logs

The batch file takes a copy of the responder config file, deletes log files & old node modules, unpacks the v2.0.2 zip file, then restores the config file.

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