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Once your user has been setup so that you can access CoreSDK you should be able to access the forms that you have permissions to see. This allows users to see how forms may look with data etc. For the purpose of this guide we have used Greater Manchester but this may change depending which service you are using.




To start you will be required to browse to using an internet browser for example IEv10+, Chrome, Firefox etc. We recommend using Google Chrome. You should be presented view similar to below:-


Enter the username and password that has been provided to you by the Black pear support team and click Log In


Once logged on click Core SDK and then go to Libraries



You should now be presented with a view similar to below.

Ensure that your Service is highlight, ie in this example Greater Manchester.

Now click List Forms in Greater Manchester.



**NOTE: Greater Manchester is used for Example purposes. This will change depending on the service which you are using**


You should then be displayed numerous forms.

Double click the form you wish to view e.g. Chronic Kidney Disease Record




You should now see that the form has opened. From here you can select a test patient to see how the form looks with data.

To open a patient go to Preview -> Choose Patient -> Select a test patient that is listed.



You should now see that patient information is now populated within the form.

For example, the Patient Details section now contains dummy patient information.


You are now free to explore the form.


For any queries or assistance please email

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