How to clear the cache on Pyrusium

Michael Barrow -

In some cases it is required to clear the cache on Pyrusium. This can sometimes be after a password reset, Login issues or if Pyrusium is not responding in the correct manner. Usually this will be instructed by a member of the BlackPear Team to complete this.

To successfully clear the cache on Pyrusium complete the following:-


  • Start Pyrusium. Once started click on the cog on the bottom left of the Pyrusium Window.


  • This should now give you numerous available options, click on Clear Cache


  • Upon clicking Clear Cache you will be displayed a warning dialog box. Simply click YesThis will close Pyrusium. Once done, open Pyrusium again and login.
  • Check to ensure all is working as expected. If you are still experiencing issues advise our support team on
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