Pyrusium shows : "Error - An Unknown Error" upon logging in

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When logging into the Pyrusium you may encounter the below error once you have entered your username and password:-



So far this has only been noticed on home working users that are using laptops assigned to them. The issue is due to the system time being incorrect and is currently 1 hour ahead. This can be checked by simply checking the time on your system tray at the bottom right hand side of your screen.

Why is this an issue?

Upon logging into Pyrusium a login token as created that is based on the system time on the laptop/workstation, however this token only lasts for 60 minutes. With the Blackpear server being set appropriately the server is led to believe that the token has expired thus failing authentication.



To resolve this users may require Administrator permissions to make changes to the laptop/workstation. This can be obtained by your IT Services teams. If users do have Administrator permissions the following can be completed to resolve the issue:-

Windows 7 / 10

  • Click on the start menu and start typing Control Panel. As you start typing you should see that Control Panel is listed. Click on the Control Panel Icon


  • Once done the Control Panel window has now opened. Click on Date and Time


  • You should now see that the Date and Time settings view has now being displayed. Click on Change date and time...


  • Once done you should now be shown the Date and Time Settings Window. To change the hour for example, select the Hour and either type the hour so that it is correct or use the arrows provided. Once complete click OK, you should now see that the time in your system tray is now correct.


  • Once complete you will need to clear the cache of Pyrusium. To complete this start Pyrusium. Once started click on the cog on the bottom left of the Pyrusium Window.


  • This should now give you numerous available options, click on Clear Cache


  • Upon clicking Clear Cache you will be displayed a warning dialog box. Simply click YesThis will close Pyrusium. Once done, open Pyrusium again and login, you should find that the error is no longer displayed.



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