Unable to Login to Pyrusium for Appointments – Vision Practices

Michael Barrow -

The issue

Currently there is an ongoing issue whereby when attempting to login to Pyrusium users are unable to login using their Vision Offline password to which users are unable to get past the following login box:-



This is due to Pyrusium not being able to establish a connection to the Vision360 Server that is a result of the TLS version on the Vision server being TLS1.0 but Windows 10 utilising TLS1.2. Pyrusium utilises which ever version is running on the operating system.



We have changed Pyrusium to force the use of TLS1.0 to which a new version of the inpsMigPatientGateway.dll (2.2.7599.26402) is available. This will be required to be applied to all workstations that use Pyrusium on Vision practices.

For standard practices that do not require to switch between Emis and Vision this is just a simple case of updating the inpsMigPatientGateway.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Pear Software\Pyrusium.


**NOTE: Only Black Pear Engineers should complete this unless otherwise instructed to do so. Additionally replacing the file may require Administrative permissions that can be granted by the Practices IT Services team**

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