Appointments - Booking an Appointment displays a 413 Error

Michael Barrow -

The Problem

When booking an appointment you may find that you will receive the following error.


Clicking on View Details displays


The Issue

The main reason for this is due to the patients record being large and PyrusCloud will reject anything over 512KB.

The error occurs when the ReferralRequest is being written, so that includes the appointment booking reason and a filtered version of the clinical precis.  If we are storing a ReferralRequest then this means the Patient is unregistered at the hub.



To try to resolve this issue, try registering the patient at the Hub and rebook the appointment.

This is eliminating the need to the Precis when booking the appointment that then decreases the size being sent to PyrusCloud.

If this does not resolve the issue then contact Blackpear Support ( giving details of the issue.

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