Adastra SPN-API Test Harness

Tiffany Hodkinson -

  • Where possible Adastra is to be used for testing and demonstration, with SPN Viewer as secondary option in the event that no Adastra test system is currently available
  • The presentation in SPN Viewer is based on Adastra v3.31.00-rc54
  • This application is provided for the purpose of testing and demonstrating the display of Core Care Plans. This application is not suitable for use.


User Guide

1. Browse to



2. Enter your username and password as provided by your Black Pear project manager:



3. Enter the NHS number, patient birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD) for the patient you wish to retrieve.  Select the Endor service and click the Search button:



4. This will display all SPNs for the selected patient.  Select the required SPN from the list on the left hand side to display the detail:



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