Filing consultation outcomes - GP practice

Tiffany Hodkinson -

After a patient has been seen within a hub, outcomes will need to be filed back to the GP clinical system at the practice the patient is registered with.

1. Within Pyrusium, the status of the appointment is clearly shown within the outbound list. Click the refresh button to update your list:


2. Click the View button on all those patients that have a cross icon within the row. These are patients who have a status of Left , DNA or Walked Out:



3. For patients marked as Left, click on the View referral outcome button:

Picture1.png4. Review the outcomes to ensure there are no actions and click one of the following buttons:

  • File to clinical system (coded): posts coded entries back to the clinical system
  • File to clinical system: posts entries back as free text


This will file the outcomes back to the clinical system.  Please note, there is a small synchronisation delay before these will appear in Vision.

5. Once filed, click the Close button.

NOTE: Where patients have a status of DNA or Walked Out these are to be filed back to the clinical system also using the same options.

6. The work list will be updated to show the referral has been filed by displaying a green tick. This will be removed from the list within 60 minutes:


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