How to log in

Tiffany Hodkinson -

1. EMIS Web and SystmOne users must open their clinical system first.  Please ensure only one instance is running.

2. Go to Start > All Programs > Black Pear Software > Pyrusium:


3. Emis Web and SystmOne users jump to step 4.  Vision users will see the following login box:


Enter your:

  • Vision username (email address entered into Vision staff configuration)
  • Vision offline password
  • Service context: leave blank unless you access more than one V360 service in which case this is likely to be the practice ODS (NACS) code with _A appended e.g. A99999_A

4. You will then be prompted for your Black Pear login credentials:


5. After successful login, you will be directed to the Black Pear home page. This will display all Black Pear apps you have access to.  Click on the turquoise icon for the app that starts with “eRA”:


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