API configuration for Vision (per user)

Tiffany Hodkinson -

The following process needs to be done for each user who requires access to a Black Pear app.  Where users have already been set up to use INPS Vision Anywhere, they will not require any further configuration:

1. Log into Vision 3 and navigate to Control Panel > File Maintenance > Staff

2. Right click the staff member who requires access to a Black Pear app and click Edit Staff

3. Within the Addresses tab, click on the Add button in the Communication Nos panel

4. Enter the user’s email address in the Contact box and select Email from the Type of Contact dropdown. This will be your username for the Vision360 login:


5. Click OK to save

6. Click OK in the main staff window to save your changes

7. To set the offline password, navigate to Control Panel -> File Maintenance -> Security

8. Right click the user you are configuring and select the Reset Password item to set up your offline password

9. Enter the new password


Please note: there is a short synchronisation delay in these credentials becoming available.  Please allow 30mins.


Vision 360 credentials can be tested by logging into the following portal: 


  • Username: email address as entered in Vision staff configuration
  • Password: offline password
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