Service Configurable Options

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There are several configuration settings that can be applied to an XO Booking service.

1. Options configured by Black Pear

The following items are configured internally by Black Pear.  Should you wish to change from the following default options, please contact your project manager with your preferences.

1.1 Outcomes write-back: The possible options are as follows:

  • Free text only
  • Coded only
  • Free text or coded i.e. practices have the choice how they want to file back the outcomes [Default]

1.2. Status message: There is an option to display a message which pops up as all users log in to the eRA service.  By default, this is blank so no message appears.

1.3. Referral note code: This is the Read code and term that is written back to the patient’s GP clinical system to represent the patient referral.

1.4. Outcomes code: This is the Read code and term that is written back to the patient’s GP clinical system to represent the patient outcomes that are filed back after consultation.


2. Options configured by your hub or administrator

To access the configurable settings:

1) login to Pyrusium running against the hub clinical system

2) click the cog in the top right corner of the Pyrusium window


2.1 Slot Settings


2.1.1 Appointment availability timeframe: Look ahead for 3 days means appointments available for today and the next 3 days will be made available to GP practices.  This can be adjusted to a maximum of 7 days in advance.

2.1.2 Accept bookings for registered patients only: Ticking this option will mean that only a patient who is currently added (or registered) within the hub EMIS system will be accepted.

2.1.3 Slot type used when booking a patient from another practice: This is the slot type that will be used within the EMIS session list to act as a placeholder for a non-registered patient (a patient who has never visited the hub previously).

To define this slot type in EMIS, go to Appointment Book and select Appts Config from the toolbar:


Within the Appointments Configuration screen, select Slot Types:


Click Add or Edit to define your slot type as required:


 2.1.4 Message to display on booking confirmation

This will add an additional message underneath the booking confirmation message.


2.2 Booking Restrictions


2.2.1 Minimum patient age: By adding a value other than 0, this will apply a minimum age for patients being referred e.g. 16 will ensure no patient under the age of 16 is referred.

2.2.2 Daily booking limit per practice: By adding a value other than 0, this will apply a warning message once a practice has reached a quota e.g. 6 – after 6 appointments have been booked by a practice in one day a warning message will pop up telling the practice they have exceeded their quota and are they sure they would like to continue.  The software will not block them from proceeding if they need to.


2.3 Slot Type

By default, all slot types are made available to all GP practices.


To make specified slot types available only, highlight the slot on the left hand side and tick Enable for eRA.  Repeat for each slot type you would like to make available:



2.4 Session Configuration

When exposing appointments to the Black Pear service, the following values are picked up from the EMIS session list:

  • Slot type
  • Session Name
  • Location
  • Session Holder

To view these within EMIS, within the Appointment Book, select a session and click Session Properties from the toolbar:




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