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Pyrusium is a browser designed to to integrate with GP clinical systems: EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne and INPS Vision.

Please note, if the installer detects missing Windows files (Microsoft .NET or VC 2012 x86 redistributable package), the installer will automatically guide you through installation of these files.

The installation needs to be repeated on every workstation requiring access to Black Pear services.  We advise that this is installed using a Windows Administrator account.


Installation Process

1. Download the Pyrusium Installer by clicking PyrusiumBundle.exe

2. The internet browser should display the file that has been downloaded at the bottom of the page as displayed in the example below:


3. Once the file has completed downloading you should now be able to click the arrow next to the file. This should give you numerous options to select. To continue select Open:



4. Depending on your configuration, you may see the message below - choose Run:


4. Agree to the licence terms and conditions by ticking the checkbox and then click the Next button:


5. In the Configuration drop down box, ensure portal type is set to pyrusApps and then enter your practice ODS (NACS) code and click Next.  (Note: it is important that this is configured correctly to pick up future Pyrusium updates):


 6. Within the drop down box, select the clinical system used within your practice e.g. EMIS Web, INPS Vision 360, TPP SystmOne:



For EMIS Web, you will be prompted to enter the EMIS Org No - this is your EMIS customer number.  (Note: it is essential that this is as per your EMIS Web instance to allow you to login to Pyrusium successfully):


TPP SystmOne:

For SystmOne, leave the API key blank:




For Vision, accept the default settings:



7. Click the Install button to proceed.

8. Depending on how your system is configured, you may get the following warning message. Click Yes to proceed:


9. Click Close once installation has completed:






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