Pyrusium Switcher

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For practices that can access multiple instances of EMIS Web, it is necessary to use the Pyrusium Switcher.  This is deployed as part of the Pyrusium installation process.  Every time EMIS Web is switched Pyrusium should be switched also.

Please note: to use Pyrusium against different clinical systems your Black Pear account must have each organisation listed on your account.

To use:

1. Go to: Start > All Programs > Black Pear Software > Pyrusium switcher:



2. Pyrusium Switcher will open as follows:



3. If the Pyrusium Switcher has been used before, the previously used values will display in the drop down box. If the EMIS org code is missing, just type it directly into the box:


4. Click the Switch button:


5. The status message will change confirming that the config has been switched. Ensure that Pyrusium is restarted to pick up the new settings:



Switching between other clinical systems:

  • For practices with access to multiple instances of SystmOne or INPS Vision, there is no requirement for a switcher.
  • Where a practice needs to access a combination of different systems e.g. EMIS Web and SystmOne or EMIS Web and Vision, please contact to discuss this requirement.


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