Starting Pyrusium shows Product Manager error messages

Tiffany Hodkinson -

Product Manager error messages on starting Pyrusium:

On starting Pyrusium, if you get the following error messages there are two potential areas of investigation:

1. It is possible that the ODS code entered during installation is not reflected at the Black Pear side:


To check, please email and request that an organisation check is performed.  Please ensure you include the ODS code and practice name.


2. There is a proxy in place at the practice.  In which case:

  • Go to services
  • Stop the service: Black Pear Product Manager
  • Within the service properties, assign credentials to Log On with
  • Save the properties
  • Restart the service

Regarding the Log On account, the local IT team may need to think about the account they use for this taking into consideration potential password changes.

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