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Tiffany Hodkinson -

Pyrusium is designed to log in automatically using Single Sign On (SSO) so users do not need to remember their Black Pear credentials.  It uses a combination of their Windows login and their clinical system credentials i.e. EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne or INPS Vision 360.  Users must always open the clinical system first before opening Pyrusium However there are a couple of points practices need to be aware of.

Firstly, SSO is only effective if the user has their own Windows Login (network login) at the GP Practice and not a generic one.  If multiple users are logging into the same workstation using a generic account then the SSO will work but only for the last user who logged in and closed Pyrusium rather than logging out.

If using generic Windows accounts, users should always use the Pyrusium Logout feature (see below).  This will force other users to login to Pyrusium. If they do not logout, another user could open Pyrusium using their SSO credentials. This is an IG risk.



If only one person uses a workstation but uses a generic account then the SSO will be saved (if they click on the X – see below) but at the risk another user may login and be able to open Pyrusium using their SSO credentials.  Best NHS IG practice is to always create unique Windows logins for each user.

Where a user has their own Windows login then, once the Pyrusium SSO has been configured (first time they login to Pyrusium), users should never logout but just use the X in the top right corner to close it.



If a user selects Logout it will wipe the SSO configuration forcing the user to enter their credentials (email & password) again. 

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