Firewall and web proxy configuration for Core Appointments

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This article describes the firewall and web proxy rules that must be configured in order to use Core Appointments. Configuration will normally be carried out by a local IT provider.

Firewall rules
The N3 facing endpoint uses dynamic hosts that may change IPs as individual nodes change over time; these will always be from CIDR The IPs will be available by resolving the domain

Unless advised specifically for your deployment, all traffic uses TCP on port 443.

Web proxy rules
We routinely make requests from our software to the following urls/domains:

  • (software updates)
  • (software updates)
  • (static content for apps run in Pyrusium)
  • (user authentication requests)
  • (user authorisation requests)
  • (user authorisation requests)

Our support technicians also ask users to allow remote desktop access using AwayFromMyDesk:

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