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The BPSettings utility allows you to encrypt sensitive configuration settings such as passwords prior to sending them to Black Pear. The utility uses a public key to encrypt the settings so that only Black Pear can decrypt the information; NHS Approved Cryptographic Algorithms are used throughout.


BPSettings requires a Windows operating system with .NET Framework 4.5 installed. This is typically available on GP practice workstations.

You will have been supplied with a zip file, BPSettings.zip. To install, unzip the archive and copy the BPSettings folder to the desktop.

How to encrypt your configuration settings

  1. Open the BPSettings folder and run BPSettings.exe.
  2. The utility displays a list of settings to be provided. For password fields a strong password is suggested but users can overwrite this themselves.
  3. Press ‘Encrypt’ to create a strongly encrypted copy of the settings.
  4. Press ‘Clipboard’ to copy the encrypted settings to the Windows Clipboard.
  5. Paste the encrypted settings into the agreed app used to send to Black Pear. This may be an online form or an email.

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