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This article provides a technical overview of Black Pear's Pyrusium browser.


Pyrusium is a Windows application created by Black Pear Software Limited. Installed alongside UK primary care principal clinical systems it allows easy development and deployment of web-apps to enhance and extend clinical system functionality.


Web browser

Pyrusium is a modern, standards-compliant web-browser designed to run web-apps that extend the capability of the EHR system.


Pyrusium allows additional capability to be deployed using a ‘Plugin’ framework and accessed from within a web-app. Significantly, this allows the contained web-app to interact with the EHR so that it can provide high quality, interactive user experience relevant to current patient and user context and including read/write access to patient records.

Operational support

Pyrusium includes tooling to support development and operation of new web apps. This includes developer tools, test harnesses, structured logging and unattended updates.

Ease of deployment

The combination of web browser with plugins allows new web-apps to be made available without any additional deployment to practice workstations and without change to principal clinical systems. Consistent interfaces using international standards across principal clinical systems reduce the time to develop and test individual web-apps.


The following plugins provide capability for web-apps to interact with GP clinical systems on the same workstation. The available interactions include patient searches and read/write access to patient medical records.


EMIS Web Plugin uses EMIS Web Partner API; this is a COM API used under commercial license from EMIS Health.

INPS Vision

INPS Vision Plugin uses Vision VMAS API; this is a web-services API used under commercial license from INPS.

TPP SystmOne

TPP SystmOne Plugin uses GPSoC IM1 API; this is a socket API used under GPSoC license from TPP.


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