EPaCCS v3.16 released 13th September 2016

Tiffany Hodkinson -

  • App moved to eSP (Black Pear's electronic Shared Plans) which utilises a more robust authentication system
  • eSP offers cosmetic improvements such as coloured sections to help with navigation
  • Documentation link available connecting to: patient leaflet, FAQs and release notes
  • In built support button available which will submit a support ticket to Black Pear's support desk
  • Consent field within the form is now mandatory and only contain items indicating consent has been gained
  • If patient selects home as preferred place of care, treatment centre is now no longer required
  • Within Anticipatory Medication Section, an option to select 'Anticipatory medication not appropriate' now available. If selected, read code 8B2d. "Prescription of anticipatory care medication not appropriate" written back to the record
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