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There are 2 organisational roles in the eRA interactions: 

  1. Referring organisation - providing initial patient contact and booking appointment on patient's behalf
  2. Consulting organisation - providing direct care to patient


Data sharing

Data are shared bidirectionally between organisations. A referring organisation shares data with a consulting organisation as follows:

Interaction Data shared Purpose of sharing
Book appointment Patient demographics including name, identifiers and contact details Consulting organisation can identify patient and match to existing records. Consulting organisation can contact patient if necessary.
Book appointment Reason for appointment Consulting organisation can provide direct care to patient.
Book appointment Clinical precis for patient Consulting organisation can provide direct care to patient.
Cancel appointment Patient identifiers Consulting organisation can identify patient.
Cancel appointment Reason for cancellation Consulting organisation has complete audit trail for bookings.

A consulting organisation shares data with a referring organisation as follows:

Interaction Data shared Purpose of sharing
Book appointment Appointment availability and configuration Referrer can select appropriate appointment slot for patient.
View status Appointment status Referrer can monitor referrals made.
View outcomes Clinical notes for patient from day of appointment Referrer can provide continuity of care to patient.

Data sharing agreements

We require the commissioners of an eRA service to have in place appropriate data sharing agreements between organisations to cover the data sharing outlined here.

It is important to note that the workflow of the eRA app already requires the referrer to seek explicit verbal consent for data sharing from the patient at the time of appointment booking; without this consent, no data are shared.

Third party use of eRA-API

Third parties may use eRA components to provide appointment booking within their products. The data shared within each implementation will be a subset of that shared by eRA. Please contact the system supplier to confirm the data shared when using eRA-API. 


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