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Use case

As a third party with an existing system:

  • I want to launch pip from my existing system and display a defined patient
  • I am happy for my users to authenticate using Core Auth if they are not already authenticated using an identity provider trusted by Core

High level workflow

  • Third party service launches pip with the patient identifier, birth date and (optionally) service id in the url.
  • The user chooses to authenticate using any one of the existing identity providers offered by Core Auth.
  • When the user has authenticated, they are issued an access token.
  • The user chooses which role they are working in from those offered by Core Auth for that user.


API Agreement

This workflow does not require a Core API Agreement.

Technical workflow

To launch pip in the context of a particular patient, create a URL as follows: GET [Base URL]/apps/pip/launch?[Parameters]

For example:

Base URL







patient Patient NHS number e.g. 4123456789
birthdate Patient birthdate e.g. 1900-11-24

[optional] true | false

If not true, patient banner is hidden in pip

healthcareService [optional] Healthcare Service Guid e.g. 23848865-cd8f-4352-9c77-0b07402f4256

If provided, the user will be shown their current roles within that service. When not provided, all roles available to the user will be present for selection.

The querystring can be obfuscated as per




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